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 The 'Facebook Live Stream' Success Formula
Learn What To Say As Well As What Tech Things to Check Before Going Live to Successfully Grow Your Audience

Don't know what to say? Learn what to say by following the script and use the sample text as a guide.

✅ Unsure how to arrange the live stream? Learn the sequence of events.

✅ Worried that you won't have sound or video during the live stream? Follow the checklist to minimize sound, video and other problems during the live stream.

  • You fumble over words not knowing what to say or what should come next to be effective
  • You know you could knock live streaming out of the park if you had a script to follow
  • ​You need to grow your audience so you an offer your awesome products and services and FINALLY have a profitable business
  • ​You're terrified of looking like an idiot on camera and appearing unprofessional so you avoid live streaming all-together
  • ​You feel like you're fighting a losing battle and pretty soon, your luck will run out
  • ​Even though you work 50+ hours a week, you're struggling to make any PROFIT

  •  The script that I use, so you have a sample "order of events" for your live stream. 
  • ​An example Go-Live Scenario, so you can apply it to your live stream.
  • ​ The "Go-Live" Checklist, so you can minimize technical issues during your live stream. 
  • ​The "Call-To-Action (CTA)" section that is easy and doesn't feel salesy.

TERRY is THE ONLINE VIDEO LADY, a no-nonsense and highly driven Online Business Strategist helping beginner entrepreneurs use the power of Live Streaming and Sales Funnels to enroll high-end clients without any pushy, salesy, uncomfortable sales tactics that are more commonly used.

After a VERY rocky start to business, this single mom to “Auntie’s Angel”, originally from the East coast of the US, successfully grew an audience using Live Streams as the basis for building her business.

As a result of her success, Terry has a constant stream of course creators, coaches, and experts, both new and established, seeking her expertise for tech training, mentoring, and support to blow up their businesses!

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